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serious goals require serious training... here's how we deliver

Training is a critical key to the success of an Agent.  Although many Brokerages offer training, and most have embraced some of the more advancing technologies in which to distribute that training… the skillset and the development of the Agents as a whole still remains extremely low.  The reason is not that Brokerages don’t offer training… it’s their approach and their philosophy about training that is the cause.  Most all training is Observation Oriented whereas our training is Obtain Oriented.   Attend one of our trainings and you will see the difference, not to mention the results will speak for themselves.

LIVE TRAINING:  Each month we sponsor live training events that help you make more money.

In a world of technology and the electronic distribution of content and educational materials… it’s very easy to begin to rely too heavily on that approach.  There is a lot of information that can be distilled to agents and others within the Real Estate Industry through technology, but there are also many topics that need to be taught LIVE in order to create the most impactful and effective learning environment. 

LIVE FACEBOOK TRAINING:  This type of training happens each week on our FB page.

Facebook has become an extremely useful tool in the world of marketing and communication, especially in the Real Estate Industry.  Recently with the addition of the Facebook LIVE application, we now have the ability to stream live video training right there from our Facebook Profile Page.  These trainings are usually short and easy to access… just like the page and click on the Live Posts and learn.

LIVE WEBINARS:  We send out the link and all you need to do is click and participate.

Webinars have been around for quite a while.  And they offer you the Agent the ability to train and learn new content and strategies to help you advance your Real Estate business and reach those goals.   Our webinars consist of every type of content imaginable.  We have a unique 3-D approach to the training which makes them much better and they are taught by high performing entrepreneurs.

ONLINE ACCESS TRAINING:  Every training we do is recorded and put online on the website.

Every single training we do, we record them and place them on the backend of this website.  If you happen to miss a particular day, no problem, we record and store them in the backend of our corporate website.

LIVE CONFERENCE CALLS:  These types of trainings are phone based and easy to listen in.

Conference Call Training formats haven’t gone out of style and there are a lot of pieces of information that just need the quick distribution and also allow anyone the ability to speak up, ask questions and improve.  The conference call series will give you that ability, quickly.

MCE COURSES MADE EASY:  We really help you keep your education up to date with ease.

Simply put, these training series are the easiest and fastest way to advance your learning and skill set.  We make learning what you’re supposed to learn fun and easy.

VENDOR TRAINING PROGRAMS:  We want our vendors to be the best, so we help them get there.

The most effective way to run any enterprise is to make sure that everyone involved in the success of the outcome is on the same page from the start.  Our unique training programs for our vendors ensures a stronger working relationship and better collaborative conditions needed to work together towards a common goal.

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