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Be a consulting agent

Are you an Experienced Agent and value your Time? Why not create another Revenue Source?

When we were examining the brokerage market we noticed both a need, and recognized a revenue source for senior agents that wanted to help other agents but babysit them through a transaction.


There are certain times when an agent might have a question about a deal, marketing piece or just how to drum up business and they dont want to pay a percentage of their business to do so.


Thats how we found a Win- Win situation for both agents with needs and agents with experience.


Through our back end portal we gave senior agents the opportunity to set there own rate when it comes to consulting new or junior agents.


Rates can be as low as $50hr all the way to $500hr or more depending on what type of consulting you need and how much experience that agent has.


Senior agents can write a short bio about themselves and there experience so you can match your needs with there help.


This gives new agents the opportunity to have the support and training they need without having to dish out large portions of there commission. Also giving them the support they need to one day be a senior agent themselves.

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