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What?  Profit sharing? Tell me more about that

We are the ONLY Brokerage that gives our agents the opportunity to practice real estate for FREE!!!!


You heard right, through our profit sharing program we are the only brokerage that can offer our agents the opportunity to practice real estate for FREE. This is a program that incentivizes agents to share their experience and promote theire brand for Real Estate Reformation.


When an agent comes on board with our company they are given another source of revenue by sharing the profit of the company’s membership revenue. We are the only company that has the tools necessary for you to practice real estate for free but also build a team around you to help build your business.


  • When you refer an agent there is a $200 referral fee paid to you upon that agent coming on board

  • Every month you are a part of our company and that agent is  a part of our company we will pay YOU a $20mth Annuity for that recruit.

  • If you just referred 10 agents to our brokerage you would be able to have NO brokerage fees!!!

  • If you decide you would like to recruit and promote the Real Estate Reformation Profit sharing program, the brokerage will actually PAY YOU on your 11th recruit. That is the LOWEST amount of recruits for any brokerage that will cover ALL your brokerage fees





If you would like to know more information on how you can become an affiliate fill out the form below.



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