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Why should you join the FIRST Membership based brokerage?

Real Estate Reformation is a revolutionary brokerage with a revolutionary vision.

We wanted to allow our agents to not only gain more knowledge but also have the ability to earn more money through our several different profit centers. When we looked at the brokerage market we saw a need for a hybrid between your traditional and discount brokerage, and identified the problems with both. With traditional brokerages the biggest problem was agents didn't feel like they were getting what they were paying for, like paying 30% of there business to a broker thats not supplying any leads or support. With discount brokerages they broke the traditional model by being cheaper but that came with a price by offering them just that…..


A lower price to practice real estate, nothing else.

Our cost

$380 month to month​=

$4,560 a year

$420 on boarding fee

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